NMH Records

NMH Records has been developed over the last few years with Autism Advice Ltd to give an end-to-end system for the recording of support sessions and the associated invoice production.

The system has been approved by The Student Loan Company Ltd (Student Finance England’s ‘parent’ company) for the electronic submission of invoices and the electronic signing of timesheets. Sessions can be signed by the student either at the time, or remotely after the event.

Support sessions are recorded quickly and easily by practitioners, reducing the time and effort needed each month for the submission of invoices to SLC. The only task for office staff is the collation of the invoice which takes minutes.

NMH Records is a scalable solution ranging from single, affordable, licenses for small providers to multiple licenses for larger companies. The system is available to any NMH provider from small independent sole traders, through to larger multi-practitioner companies and HEPs.

NMH Records consists of three elements:

Although DSA-QAG has now ceased operation, NMH Records was designed to provide all the information needed for audit in simple, easy to use reports. The system also complies with the requirements of the QAF, recording all the necessary permission and COI forms.

The system will not allow sessions to be recorded if there are insufficient hours left. This is an especially useful feature at the end of the financial year.

Each NMH provider will have their own portal into our system for the students to access, such as example.nmhrecords.com. This can be personalised with your company logo and dominant colour so that the students recognise it as their provider's site. Practitioners log in via a centralised portal.

We have created two test portals to enable you to experience the system from the perspective of both a student and a practitioner.

At practitioners.nmhrecords.com/example you can log in as a practitioner and record sessions with one of three students. You can sign the sessions as the student by entering their PIN (1234) when recording the session, or if you leave this blank (as would be the situation if you recorded it later in the day, for example) then it will show you the email that is sent to the student asking them to confirm the session. The student then logs in and signs it with their PIN. If you record sessions for the first student, you will be given a working link to click, and then you can log in as the student and sign the session as they would.

The sample student portal is at example.nmhrecords.com

For both example portals, use the email and password suggestions presented to log in.

The heart of the system is a Windows based program which is used to submit the invoices and provide overall control of the database. The system includes a number of reports as standard, including hours left, claim value, annual statistical return, and other extracts previous required for the DSA-QAG audit. As the audit details from the Department of Education are made clear, the system will be updated to accommodate any new requirements. A few examples of the features of this are given on our main website here.

We are also open to suggestions for improvements by our users and through this collaboration the software will evolve. Our intention is, as always, that we do the hard work so you don't have to. All updates to the system are included in the annual license fee so there will never be any additional costs to cover; all you pay are the license fees.

If you would like to discuss the system, please contact ICTIS on 0333 320 8101, or click for our email address.